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Southern Championship Wrestling
Southern Tag Team Title

Bryan Austin & Lester King1998/11/12Sanford, FL
Defeat the Graceland Gangsters: C.G. Afi & Frankie Capone to become the first champions.
O.G. Scarface & Shank Develin1998/10/28Sanford, FL
Jason Hexx & Victor Creed2000/10/21Altamonte Springs, FL
New Heavenly Bodies: Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci2001/08/10Altamonte Springs, FL
Defeat Hexx & Python.
Justice & Live Wire 2001/09/08Altamonte Springs, FL
Vacant on 02/04/27.
Jacques Taylor & Josh Rich2002/08/17Altamonte Springs, FL
Defeat Chasyn Rance & Aaron Epic.
Dagon Briggs & Leon Scott2003/05/24DeBary, FL
Axis & Python2003/11/15DeBary, FL
Heartbreak Express: Phil Davis & Sean Davis2004/10/16Altamonte Springs, FL
Violence Club: Aaron Epic & Jason Hexx2006/03/04DeBary, FL
Team Vision:Larry Zbyszko & Mister Saint Laurent 2006/10/14Altamonte Springs, FL
Defeat Epic & Hexx and David Mercury & Dagon Briggs in 3-way match.
Chris Nelson & Michael Cade2007/05/19Orlando, FL
Team Vision [2]2007/06/30DeBary, FL
Vacant on 08/11/08 when SCW becomes temporarily inactive.