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Southern Championship Wrestling ( 2000/04 -   )
I Believe In Wrestling ( 2011/12 -   )
Florida Cruiserweight Title

(as of 2014/06/08)

Jeff Peterson2000/04/08Orlando, FL
Defeats O.G. Scarface to become the first champion.
Jet Jaguar2002/01/12DeBary, FL
Defeats Chasyn Rance.
DTW Ninja (Chasyn Rance)2002/04/27Altamonte Springs, FL
Wins by default.
Kid Lethal2003/01/11DeBary, FL
Chasyn Rance [2]2003/04/26DeBary, FL
Aaron Eric2004/04/17Altamonte Springs, FL
Josh Rich2004/07/14DeBary, FL
Johnny Schumacher2005/10/16Altamonte Springs, FL
Jerrelle Clark2005
Wins tournament.
Jason Sensation2006/10/14Altamonte Springs, FL
Defeats Craig Classic and Wade Koverly in 3-way match.
Nooie Lee2007/06/30DeBary, FL
Defeats Sensation and Austin Amadeus in 3-way match.
Aaron Epic2008/11/08Altamonte Springs, FL
Chasyn Rance [3]2008/11/08Altamonte Springs, FL
Vacant on 08/11/08 when SCW becomes temporarily inactive.
Lince Dorado2011/12/17Orlando, FL
Defeats Mike Cruz to be recognized by I Believe In Wrestling; continues to be recognized by SCW.
Chasyn Rance [4]2012/07/21Altamonte Springs, FL
Santana Garrett2013/09/22Orlando, FL
A female wrestler.
Chasyn Rance [5]2014/01/05Orlando, FL