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Future of Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Assassins1998/05/02Miami, FL
Win tournament to become first champions.
Bobby Rogers & Blair Rogers1998/06/03Atlanta, GA
Snot Dudley (Anthony Michaels) & Schmuck Dudley (Jeff Roth)1998/10/10Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Defeat Blare in handicap match.
Extreme Militia: Tank Morgan & Commander Morgan1999/08/14Pembroke Pines, FL
Anthony Michaels & Jeff Roth [2]1999/09/25Ft. Lauderdale, FL
FP&L: Tony Apollo & Anthony Adonis1999/12/30Davie, FL
Defeat Roth & Scoot Andrews.
Suicidal Tendencies: Dennis Allen & Sean Allen2000/02/12Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Waverunners: Shred & Wet Willie2000/03/26Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Market Crashers: Dow Jones & NASDAQ2000/04/22Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Suicidal Tendencies [2]2000/07/08Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Chris Charger & Al Bino2001/03/10Oakland Park, FL
Chris Charger & Jeff Roth2001/05/12Davie, FL
Ladder match between Charger & Bino and Roth & Anthony Michaels ends where Roth & Charger each retrieves a belt at the same time.
Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal2001/06/17Davie, FL
Market Crashers [2]2001/08/18Miami, FL
Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal [2]2001/09/22Miami, FL
Dave Johnson & Hack Meyers2001/12/01Davie, FL
Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal [3]2002/02/08Tampa, FL
Big Daddy Gonzo & J.J. Kodiak2002/03/23Oakland Park, FL
Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal [4]2002/04/13Davie, FL
Anthony Michaels & Jeff Roth [3]2002/06/29Davie, FL
Antonio Banks & Punisher2002/08/31Plantation, FL
Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal [5]2003/02/15Davie, FL
Billy Fives & Bruno Sassi2003/02/22West Palm Beach, FL
Promotion inactive after 03.
Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal [6]2011/01/29Davie, FL
Win 7-way elimination match.
Ernest R. Alexander III & Chris Jones2011/06/18Hollywood, FL
Red Devil Fight Team: Aleksander Chekov & Mikhail Ivanov2011/08/06Hollywood, FL
Heartbreak Express: Phil Davis & Sean Davis2012/01/21Hollywood, FL
Vacant on 12/03/03.
Hardliners: Jordan Rayner & Barrington Hughes2012/06/02Deerfield Beach, FL
Defeat Red Devil Fight Team: Aleksander Chekov & Mikhail Ivanov.
Carolina Bombers: CPR & Triple B 2012/07/07 Wadesboro, NC
AOD: Sean Allen & Beast2012/07/07Wadesboro, NC
Anthony Michaels & Beast 2012/12/08
Beast replaces Allen, who has won the FOW Heavyweight Title on 12/09/22 in Deerfield Beach, FL; promotion inactive after 13/12.