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Last updated on 2017/09/30

World Junior Heavyweight Title

Karol Krauser1939/06/30<
George Becker1939/07/18Miami, FL
Maurice Boyer 1939/09/29 Bridgeport, CT
Announced as having defeated Becker for the title "in New York" (The Palm Beach Post, W. Palm Beach, FL, 39/11/12).
John Swenski1940/12/19<Chicago, IL *
Billed as having defeated Everett Marshall for the title in "a recent match"; referred to as National Title from 41/01; still champion as of 42/05/13.
Roy Welch1944/05/20<
Billed as the National Wrestling Association champion in Miami, FL.
Herb Welch1944/08/13<
Tennessee version is defended in Florida; still champion as of 45/02/15.
Billy Canny1945
"Recently wrestled Herb Welch's junior heavyweight crown only to lose it back to him" (The Miami News, 45/05/06).
Herb Welch [2] 1945/05/06<
Vacant in 46/04 after Welch is injured in auto accident on 46/02/28.
Tex Riley1946/06/12Nashville, TN
Defeats Gus Johnson in tournament final; loses to Herb Welch in Nashville, TN on 47/07/22 but continues to be recognized in Florida as late as 48/04/06; Ken Ackles is also listed as a former champion on 47/12/29.
Herb Welch [3]1948/08/08<
Chris Belkas 1948/09/12<
Purple Heart1948/11/09St. Petersburgh, FL
May not be world title.
Chris Belkas [2]1949/07
Billed as world champion when Cowboy Luttrall takes the control of the territory.

* NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title is recognized from the 1950s.