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Last updated on 2017/09/24

NWA Florida Women's Title

Mae Young1951/10/15Tampa, FL
Defeats Cora Combs to become the first champion; vacant in 52.
Ann LaVerne1952/03/10Tampa, FL
Defeats Betty Hawkins.
Betty Hawkins 1952/05 
Mars Bennett1953/02/09Tampa, FL
Gloria Barattini1953/03/02Tampa, FL
Defeats Bennett in the final of 6-woman battle royal.
Betty Hawkins [2]1953/09/28Tampa, FL
Dot Dotson1953/10/12Tampa, FL
Betty Hawkins [3]1953/11/16Tampa, FL
Vacant in 55 when Hawkins does not defend the title for more than six months.
Gloria Barattini [2] 1955/03/16 Daytona Beach, FL
Defeats Mae Young; still champion as of 56/10/15.
Judy Glover 1957/03/29<  
Still champion as of 57/04/25.
Bonnie Watson 1960/11/15 Lake Worth, FL
Defeats Ella Waldek for the Southern Title and is also recognized as Florida champion; still champion as of 60/12/06.
Ella Waldek 1961/10/26<  
Still/again champion as of 62/02/06 and 64/01/28; also billed as the world champion in Orlando, FL as of 64/02/16 at least until 64/03/11.
Sherri Lee 1969/06<  
Ella Waldek [2] 1970/10/06 Tampa, FL
Bonnie Watson [2] 1971/06/19 St. Petersburg, FL
Still champion as of 74/03/09.

Destiny Devine2003/06/14Ococee, FL
Defeats Summer Rain.

* See also SCW Florida Women's Title.