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Last updated on 2017/11/03

Florida Welterweight Title

John Jackson #1912/06/15<
Billed as "local" champion in Tampa, FL; may not be the state title.

Ben Lampp 1921/05/26<
Billed as champion in Tampa, FL.
Charles Lanninger 1922/05/25 Tampa, FL
Still champion as of 25/01/14.
Ben Lampp [2] 1927/09/25<
George Fish1930/07/17<
Also claims the Southern Title as of 32/05/11.
Doc Childs1932/05/24St. Petersburg, FL
George Fish [2]1932/06/14St. Petersburg, FL
May have continued to claim the title after losing to Childs on 32/05/24; vacates in 32 when Fish moves up to the middleweight division.