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Last updated on 2011/11/17

NWA Florida Television Title

Ray Stevens 1956/11/21 Tampa, FL
Defeats Harry Smith to become the first champion.

Tarzan Tyler 1970/10/29 Tampa, FL
Defeats Jack Brisco in tournament final.
Jack Brisco 1970/11/27 Tampa, FL
Tarzan Tyler [2] 1971/01/19 Tampa, FL
Best-of-3 falls match, for Tyler's Florida title, with Brisco's TV title on the line for the first fall only; Brisco comes back to win the second and third falls to take the Florida title; vacant in 71/03 when Tyler suspended for deliberately being disqualifed in a match against Bob Roop.
The Texan/Terry Funk 1971/03/18 Tampa, FL
Defeats Buddy Austin in tournament final as masked Texan and unmasks after the match.
Jack Brisco [2] 1971/04/20 Tampa, FL
Ole Anderson 1971/12/16 Tampa, FL
Bob Roop 1971/12/23 Tampa, FL
Bobby Shane 1972/01/04 Tampa, FL
Vacant on 72/03/02 when Shane refues to wrestle on television.
Paul Jones 1972/04/18 Tampa, FL
Defeats Johnny Walker in tournament final; vacant in 72/09 when Jones retires the title, placing his name on the trophy and presenting it to Jack Brisco, who destroys it.
Tim Woods 1972/09/28 Tampa, FL
Defeats Jack Brisco by default in tournament final.
Bobby Shane [2] 1972/10/19 Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco [3] 1972/11/07 Tampa, FL
Gorgeous George Jr. 1973/06/04 Orlando, FL
Jack Brisco [4] 1973/06
Sometime between 73/06/05 and 73/06/27.
Buddy Colt 1973/06/30 St. Petersburg, FL
Paul Jones [2] 1973/07/17 Tampa, FL
Great Mephisto 1973/08/16 Jacksonville, FL
Bill Dromo 1973/10/23 Tampa, FL
Dick Slater 1973/11/06 Tampa, FL
Mike Graham 1973/11/27 Tampa, FL
By default when Slater no-shows.
James J. Dillon 1975/03/18? Tampa, FL?
Rocky Johnson 1975/07/31 Jacksonville, FL
Missouri Mauler 1976/01/20 Tampa, FL
Defeats Big Bad John, subbing for Johnson.
Tommy Seigler 1976/10/19? Tampa, FL?
The Assassin 1976/11/09? Tampa, FL?
Mike Graham [2] 1976/12/02? Jacksonville, FL?
Pat Patterson 1977/05/20? Tallahassee, FL?
Pedro Morales 1977/08/24<
Possibly on 77/08/21 in Orlando, FL or 77/08/23 in Tampa, FL (Morales defeats Patterson on both cards).
Dick Slater [2] 1978/04
Jerry Brisco 1978/04/27<
Bobby Duncum 1978/08/30 Miami, FL
Dusty Rhodes 1978
Sometime after 78/09/23; vacates after winning World Heavyweight Title on 78/08/21.
Bugsy McGraw 1978/09
Dusty Rhodes [2] 1979/01/16<
Bugsy McGraw [2] 1979/09/11 Tampa, FL
Defeats Buzz Sawyer.
Steve Keirn 1980/03/03 W. Palm Beach, FL
Masa Saito 1980/05/06 Tampa, FL
Barry Windham 1980/07/26 St. Petersburg, FL
Braon Von Raschke 1980/11/21 Hollywood, FL
Manny Fernandez 1981/03/27<
Sometime after 81/02/22.
Don Muraco 1981/05/01 Orlando, FL
El Gran Apollo 1981/05/26 Tampa, FL
Dory Funk Jr. 1981/09/07 Tampa, FL
Still champion as of 81/09/16.
Tommy Gilbert 1981/09/11? Sarasota, FL?
Eddie Mansfield 1981/10/04<
Sometime after 81/09/29.
Wahoo McDaniel 1981/12/02 Miami Beach, FL
Vacant in 81.
Eric Embry 1981/12/26 St. Petersburg, FL
Wins tournament.
Ray Stevens [2] 1982/01/16 St. Petersburg, FL
Sweet Brown Sugar 1982/04<
David Von Erich 1982/04/24
Dory Funk Jr. [2]
Tommy Gilbert [2]
Eddie Mansfield [2] 1982/09/26 Tampa, FL
Defeats Tommy Wright.
Vacant; inactive.
Lex Luger 1986/03/12 Tampa, FL
Defeats Jerry Grey in tournament final; title retired in 87/02.

Tommy Marr 2004/08/28 Orlando, FL
Defeats Rouge.