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Last updated on 2017/11/03

Southern Light Heavyweight Title

Jean Westegard 1922/12/11 Miami, FL
Defeats Kid Ellis.
Jack Ross 1925/12/14<  
Billed as champion in Tampa, FL; also holds the Middlweight Title but is reported as weighing 190lb (The Tampa Tribune, 25/12/14).
Steve Passas 1928/03/01 St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Jack Morrow in tournament final.
Jack Morrow 1929/01/17 St. Petersburg, FL
Still champion as of 29/02/14.

Clyde Hackney 1936/03/24<
Billed as champion in Miami, FL.
Tony Morelli 1937/03/02<
Claims to have defeated Tiger Long for the title.
Verne Clark 1937/03/26<
Possibly for a DQ win over Morelli on 37/03/12 in Miami, FL.
Ronny Hicks 1937/04/16 Miami, FL
Honey Boy Hackney 1937/08
Listed as former champion on 37/08/13 and as title claimant on 37/08/20 (The Miami News); still champion as of 37/12/05.
Tiger Long 1938/09/29<
Claims the title in W. Palm Beach, FL as of 38/09/29; has also claimed the title in Orlando, FL as early as 37/12/12 (Florida Title?); still champion as of 39/05/07.
George Becker 1939/06/28<
Billed as champion in Miami, FL; may be Florida Title.