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Last updated on 2017/11/03

Florida Light Heavyweight Title

Jack Ross 1925/12/14<  
Billed as champion in Tampa, FL; still champion as of 26/08/17; may be vacant after Ross wins Florida Heavyweight Title on 26/10/28.
John Romanoff 1929/02/14 St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Bulldog Edenfield (or defends the title on this day).

George Romanoff1935/05/14Miami, FL
Defeats Cyclone Mitchell.
Tiger Long 1935/08
Starts claiming the title; possibly recognized as the undisputed champion in 35/08 or 35/09 when Romanoff refuses to wrestle Long.
Clyde Hackney1936/04/14Miami, FL
Tiger Long [2]1936/04/24Miami, FL
Tony Morelli1936/05/15Miami, FL
Tiger Long [3]1936/06/09Miami, FL
Still champion as of 38/02/02; former champion as of 38/05/01.

George Becker 1940/12/19<
Still champion as of 41/02/23; may be Southern Title.