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Full Impact Pro
Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/08/09)

D.P. Associates: Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie Vegas2005/04/22Brandon, FL
Defeat C.M. Punk & Don Juan and Jerrelle Clark & Roderick Strong in a tournament 3-way final to become the first champions.
Spanky & Sal Rinauro2005/08/05Bushnell, FL
Heartbreak Express: Sean Davis & Phil Davis2005/09/02Arcadia, FL
Black Market: Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy2006/05/27Crystal River, FL
Heartbreak Express [2]2006/09/09Crystal River, FL
Team with Lacey to defeat Black Market & Allison Danger.
Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe2006/10/14Bushnell, FL
Jason Blade & Kenny King2007/11/09Crystal River, FL
Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens 2008/12/20 Crystal River, FL
British Lions: Chris Gray & Tommy Taylor 2009/10/03 Crystal River, FL
Dark City Fight Club: Jon Davis & Kory Chavis 2010/07/31 Crystal River, FL
Scene: Caleb Konley & Scott Reed 2011/10/28 Brooksville, FL
Dos Ben Dejos: Eddie Cruz & Jay Rios 2013/02/01 Tampa, FL
Harlem Bravado & Lance Bravado 2013/07/05 Ybor City, FL
Defeat Dos Ben Dejos and KOA: Aaron Epic & Sugar Dunkerton in a 3-way match.
Roderick Strong & Rich Swann 2013/12/06 Orlando, FL
Juicy Product: David Starr & J.T. Dunn 2014/05/02 Ybor City, FL

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