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American Combat Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/04/02)

State Line: Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus2005
Scott Davis & Joshua Masters2005/04/19New Port Ritchey, FL
State Line [2]2005/12/06<
Aaron Epic & David Mercury 2006/02/21 New Port Ritchey, FL
Power Company Twins: Dave Power & Dean Power 2006/03/13 New Port Ritchey, FL
Cousin Dale & Cousin Jose 2006/05/23 New Port Ritchey, FL
Marcus Hall & Vinndetta 2006/07/11 New Port Ritchey, FL
John Diamond & Ralph Mosca 2006/07/25 New Port Ritchey, FL
Stateline [3] 2006/09/05 New Port Ritchey, FL
Vacant in 06/10.
Dogmatika: Sideshow & Dany Only 2006/11/18New Port Ritchey, FL
Defeat Modern Day Theory: Preston James & Scott Commodity in tournament final.
Delta Iota Kappa: Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters2007/02/20New Port Richey, FL
Shayne Swift & Cujo2007/08/14New Port Ritchey, FL
New Movement: Eddie Taurus & Austin Amadeus2007/08/14New Port Ritchey, FL
Highwaymen: Butch Long & Marc Mandrake2010/09/21<
Generation Genesis: Jeff Boom & Mitch Mitchell2014/10/18Trinity, FL
Defeat Stateline: Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus in tournament final.
Stateline [4]2014/11/22Trinity, FL
Vacant in 15/01.
Generation Genesis [2] 2015/02/21Trinity, FL
Defeat 1st Degree: D'Lo Jordan & Wayne Wonder.
1st Degree: D'Lo Jordan & Wayne Wonder2015/04/04New Port Richey, FL
Flying Solow: Aaron Solo & Jason Cade2015/06/13New Port Richey, FL
1st Degree [2]2015/07/10Ybor City, FL
Flying Solow [2]2015/07/19New Port Richey, FL
1st Degree [3] 2015/08/08 New Port Richey, FL
Flying Solow [3] 2015/09/12 New Port Richey, FL
Stateline [5] 2016/01/16 New Port Richey, FL
Defeat Cade & Jaysone Falcone, subbing for Solo.
Dirty Blondes: Leo Brien & Mike Patrick 2016/04/09 New Port Richey, FL
Lacey Twins: Gabe Lacey & Greyson Lacey 2016/07/21 Hudson, FL
Defeat the Dirty Blondes and State Line: Eddie Taurus & Damien Angel in 3-way match.