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American Combat Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/10/08)

Dustin Rhodes2005/12/06<
Ralph Mosca 2006/02/28<
Sideshow 2006/05/02<
Sometime after 06/04/11.
Bruce Santee 2006/05/16 New Port Ritchey, FL
Eddie Taurus 2007/01/23New Port Ritchey, FL
Ralph Mosca2007/03/06New Port Ritchey, FL
Vacant in 07/08.
David Mercury2007/08/14New Port Ritchey, FL
Defeats Bruce Santee in tournament final.
Eddie Taurus [2]2009/06/23New Port Ritchey, FL
Nooie Lee defends the title for Taurus in 09/07.
Shawn Spears2009/08/04New Port Ritchey, FL
Defeats Nooie Lee.
Nooie Lee2009
Eric Cooper2009/09/08New Port Ritchey, FL
Eddie Taurus [4]2010/02/16New Port Ritchey, FL
Marquis Youngston2010/06/03<
Sometime after 10/05/25.
Nooie Lee [2]2010
Sometime between 10/07/31 and 10/08/03.
Shawn Spears [2]2010/08/04New Port Ritchey, FL
Marquis Youngston [2]2010/08/17<
Vacant in 10/09; tournament final between Eddie Taurus and Sideshow on 10/09/21 in Largo, FL ends as no contenst.
Ralph Mosca [2] 2013/08/24New Port Richey, FL
Defeats Bruce Santee, Damien Angel, David Mercury, Eddie Taurus, and Sideshow in 6-way match for the vacant title; vacant in 14.
David Mercury [2]2014/02/08New Port Richey, FL
Defeats Bruce Santee, Francisco Ciatso, and Romeo Quevado in tournament 4-way final.
Sean Swag2014/06/07New Port Richey, FL
Sideshow [2]2014/11/22Trinity, FL
Sean Swag [2]2015/01/17Trinity, FL
Sideshow [3]2015/07/19New Port Richey, FL
C.J. O'Doyle 2015/11/14 New Port Richey, FL
Mark Silva 2016/03/05 New Port Richey, FL
Sean Swag [3] 2016/05/28 New Port Richey, FL
Defeats Silva, C.J. O'Doyle, and Sideshow in 4-way match.
Parrow 2016/12/17 New Port Richey, FL