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NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling Television Title ( 1992/08 - 1994/09 )
Extreme Championship Wrestling Television Title ( 1994/09 - 2001/04 )

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Johnny Hot Body1992/08/12Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Larry Winters; vacant on 92/09/12 when Hot Body breaks his ankle in title victory.
Glenn Osbourne1992/09/30Philadelphia, PA
Defeats The Sandman after Osbourne and Sandman being the last two in a battle royal; vacant in 93/02.
Jimmy Snuka1993/03/12Radnor, PA
Defeats Glenn Osbourne in 8-man tournament final.
Terry Funk1993/10/01Philadelphia, PA
Sabu1993/11/13Philadelphia, PA
Pins Funk in tag team match (Sabu & Hawk vs. Funk & King Kong Bundy) where TV title can change hands.
Tazmaniac1994/03/06Philadelphia, PA
J.T. Smith1994/03/06Philadelphia, PA
The Pit Bull1994/04/16Philadelphia, PA
Mikey Whipwreck1994/05/13Philadelphia, PA
Jason (Jason Knight)1994/08/13Philadelphia, PA
2 Cold Scorpio1994/11/04Hamburg, PA
Dean Malenko1994/11/04Hamburg, PA
2 Cold Scorpio [2]1995/03/18Philadelphia, PA
Eddy Guerrero1995/04/08Philadelphia, PA
Dean Malenko [2]1995/07/21Tampa, FL
Eddy Guerrero [2]1995/07/28Middletown, NY
2 Cold Scorpio [3]1995/08/25Jim Thorpe, PA
Mikey Whipwreck [2]1995/12/29New York, NY
2 Cold Scorpio [4]1996/01/05Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas1996/05/11Philadelphia, PA
Pit Bull #21996/06/01Philadelphia, PA
Chris Jericho1996/06/22Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas [2]1996/07/13Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Jericho, Pit Bull #2, and 2 Cold Scorpio in 4-man elimination match.
Taz [2]1997/06/07Philadelphia, PA
Bam Bam Bigelow1998/03/01Asbury Park, NJ
Rob Van Dam1998/04/04Buffalo, NY
Vacant on 00/03/04 due to injury.
Super Crazy2000/03/12Danbury, CT
Defeats Rhino in tournament final.
Yoshihiro Tajiri2000/04/08Buffalo, NY
Defeats Super Crazy and Little Guido in a Three Way Dance.
Rhino2000/04/22Philadelphia, PA
Kid Kash2000/08/26New York, NY
Rhino [2]2000/09/09Mississauga, ON
Promotion closes in 01/04.

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