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East Coast Wrestling Association
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/06/24)

Russian Invaders I & II1993/05/01Wilmington, DE
The history prior to 93 is unknown though promoter claims the promotion is founded in 67; vacant in 93.
Hollywood Hunks: Custom Made Man & Stunning Sean1993/08/13Wilmington, DE
Defeat Rockin' Ronny & Eric Powers.
Ace Darling & Kid Flash1995/09/01Wilmington, DE
Steve Corino & Lance Diamond1995/11/17Wilmington, DE
Boogie Woogie Brown & Inferno Brown1996/05/16Newport, DE
Viper & Armageddon1996/10/01Wilmington, DE
Lance Diamond & Cheetah Master1997/04/26Newport, DE
Ace Darling & Devon Storm1998/11/28Wilmington, DE
Mark Schraeder & Christian York1999/04/17Newport, DE
Mark Schraeder & Thunder1999/07/30Newport, DE
Backseat Boyz: Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid1999/11/19Wilmington, DE
Charlie Haas & Russ Haas 2000
Low Ki & American Dragon (Daniel Bryan)2001/04/07Wilmington, DE
Low Ki and Dragon begin feuding each other and arranges a match in which the team member that gets the win in a tag team match receives the chance to choose a new partner.
Low Ki & Xavier2002/04/06Wilmington, DE
Lo-Ki choose Xavier as new partner.
S.A.T.: Joél Maximo & José Maximo2002/05/04Newport, DE
Defeat Low Ki & Xavier, J.J. Johnston & J.R. Ryder, and Buck Wylde & Striker in a 4-way match.
Ace Darling & Matt Striker2003/02/23Wilmington, DE
Defeat S.A.T., Da Hit Squad, and Prince Nana & Mega in a 4-way match.
Johnny Maxx & Joey Maxx2003/09/06Wilmington, DE
Valedictorians: Billy Bax & Rob Eckos2003/11/08Wilmington, DE
Aden Chambers & Andrew Ryker2006/05/13Newark, DE
Valedictorians [2]2006/12/02Newark, DE
Defeat Chambers & Ryker, Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze, and Shane Hagadorn & Pelle Primeau in a 4-way match.
The Heavyweights: Sean Royal & Dan Eckos2007/01/27Newark, DE
Berlin Bad Boys: Kermon the German & Max Von Bauer2007/10/13Newark, DE
Bryan Logan & Matt Logan2007/12/01Newark, DE
Leather 'n' Lace: J.J. the Crew Guy & Mike Reed2008/09/27Newark, DE
Defeat the Logan Brothers in a gauntlet series final.
Mega & Cha Cha Chance2009/03/07Newark, DE
Alex Arion & Frankie Arion2009/09/12Newark, DE
Bryan Logan & Matt Logan [2]2009/10/10Newark, DE
Ryan Rush & Julian Starr 2010/03/20 Newark, DE
Bryan Logan & Matt Logan [3] 2010/07/10 Newark, DE
Best Around: T.J. Cannon & Bruce Maxwell 2010/10/16 Newark, DE
Vacant on 11/04/01 due to injury of Cannon.
Fusion DS: Matt Saigon & Damian Dragon 2011/05/07 Newark, DE
Defeat Midnight Sensations: Christopher Rockwell & Sam Shields.
Flatliners: Asylum & Matt Burns 2011/11/19 Newark, DE
Defeat Fusion DS in an annual K-Cup tournament quarter-final.
Bryan Logan & Matt Logan [4] 2011/11/19 Newark, DE
Defeat Flatliners in K-Cup tournament semi-final.
Midnight Sensations: Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields 2011/11/19 Newark, DE
Defeat the Logan Bros. in K-Cup tournament final.
Fusion DS [2] 2012/03/03 Newark, DE
Midnight Sensations [2] 2012/03/10 Carney's Point, NJ
Kekoa the Flyin' Hawaiian & Aden Chambers 2012/10/20 Sewell, NJ
Defeat Fusion DS and Midnight Sensations: Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields in a 3-way match.
AHTU & Breaker Morant 2013/04/13 Newark, DE
AHTU teams with Josh Daniels & Ricky Martinez & Apollyon to defeat Kekoa & Chambers & Bobby Shields & Danny E. and chooses Morant as partner; declared vacant on 13/06/07 after a match against D-LINE: Body Snatcher & Black Ice ends with a double pinfall on 13/06/01.
D-LINE: Body Snatcher & Black Ice 2013/07/13 Newark, DE
Defeat AHTU & Breaker Morant.
Team CK: Kage & Sean Carr 2014/04/05 Newark, DE
Vacant in 14/09.
Extreme Rednecks: Chuck Payne & Kyle Payne 2015/03/01 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Defeat Black Wall Street: Napalm Bomb & Solo and Breaker Morant & Cory Kastle in tournament 3-way final.
D-LINE [2] 2015/06/27 Springfield, PA
Extreme Rednecks [2] 2015/07/18 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Team PCA: Damian Adams & Ricky Martinez 2015/10/17 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Sons of Brooklyn: Mike Verna & Talon 2016/06/04 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Pan's Corp Agency: A.J. Pan & Damian Adams 2016/07/23 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Defeat Talon & Bobby Shields.
Extreme Rednecks [3] 2017/04/29 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Classics: Eric Martin & Tyler Stone 2017/06/24 Woodbury Heights, NJ