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East Coast Wrestling Association
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/07/15)

Boogie Woogie Brown1993/05/01Wilmington, DE
The history prior to 93 is unknown though promoter claims the promotion is founded in 67.
Ronnie Roberts1995/12/03Wilmington, DE
Wins a battle royal.
Boogie Woogie Brown [2]1996/01/01
Ace Darling1997/02/22Wilmington, DE
Defeats Cheetah Master; vacant in 97.
Reckless Youth1997/11/29
Defeats Darling and Lance Diamond in a 3-way match.
Inferno Kid1998/09/26Newark, DE
Mr. Ooh La La1999/02/27Newport, DE
Cheetah Master1999/07/30Newport, DE
Lance Diamond1999/09/17Wilmington, DE
Vacant in 99.
Ty Street1999/10/15Newport, DE
Defeats Vince Goodnite.
Glen Osbourne 2000
Mozart Fontaine2001/04/07Wilmington, DE
Japanese Pool Boy2002/09/14Wilmington, DE
Prince Nana2003/05/03Wilmington, DE
Ace Darling [2]2004/02/28Wilmington, DE
Prince Nana [2]2004/05/01Wilmington, DE
Bonecrusher Fred Sampson2004/09/18
Nick Malakai2004/11/13
Chase Del Monte2005/02/12Newark, DE
Japanese Pool Boy [2]2006/01/28Newark, DE
Mike Tobin2006/03/04
Bryan Logan2006/10/07Newark, DE
Vacant after winning Tag Team Title on 07/12/01.
J.J. Cruz2008/03/01Newark, DE
Defeats Ace Darling.
Ace Darling [3]2008/04/05Newark, DE
Glen Osbourne [2]2008/05/10Newark, DE
Ace Darling [4]2008/07/26Newark, DE
Awarded when Osbourne is stripped.
Chase Del Monte [2]2008/07/26Newark, DE
Defeats Darling, Aden Chambers, and Robere Shields in a 4-way match.
Dan Eckos2008/09/27Newark, DE
Defeats Del Monte, Billy Bax, Jason Leigh, and J.J. Cruz in a 5-way match.
Sean Royal2008/11/22Newark, DE
Rob Eckos2009/01/24Newark, DE
Wins in a tag team match, teaming with Dan Eckos against Royal & Billy Bax.
Nick Logan2009/07/18Newark, DE
Aden Chambers 2010/03/20 Newark, DE
Nick Logan [2] 2010/07/10 Newark, DE
Vacates on 10/09/20 due to injury.
Chris Wylde 2010/12/04 Newark, DE
Defeats Mozart after the two become the finalists of a battle royal.
Kekoa 2011/11/19 Newark, DE
Papadon 2012/05/05 Newark, DE
Mike Tartaglia 2012/05/05
Buys the title from Papadon.
Mr. Ooh La La 2012/06/02 Newark, DE
Ricky Martinez 2012/12/01 Newark, DE
Chris Wylde [2] 2013/12/07 Newark, DE
Mark Harro 2014/09/06 Newark, DE
Chris Wylde [3] 2014/12/06 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Defeats Harro and Kao Storm in 3-way match.
Napalm Bomb 2015/06/20 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Bobby Shields 2015/09/19 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Azrieal 2016/03/19 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Azrieal wins the Heavyweight Title on 17/03/12 and no longer defends the Mid-Atlantic Title, which is officially declared vacant on 17/05/20.
Breaker Morant 2017/06/24 Springfield, PA
Defeats Howie Timbereche.