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Last updated on 2017/06/16

World Junior Heavyweight Title
[District of Columbia]

Karol Krauser 1942/01/22<
Claims the title, dating "back about two years" (Evening Star, Washington, DC, 42/01/22); billed as "(Jack) Pfefer's" champion in Washington, DC on 42/02/16.
Ivan Kameroff 1942/03/30 Washington, DC
Bobby Bruns 1942/04/06 Washington, DC
George Becker 1942/12/02<
Maurice LaChappelle 1947/06/25 Washington, DC
Defeats Jan Blears.
Marvin Mercer 1949/12/21 Washington, DC
Defeats Jim Austeri in tournament final; may not be a world title; still champion as of 50/07/25.