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Last updated on 2018/01/11

Southern Heavyweight Title
[District of Columbia]

George Burlingame 1898/12/13 Annapolis, MD
Defeats Morad and claims the title.
Shad Link (Frank Link) 1904/03/15 Baltimore, MD
Also recognized in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, DC; Americus (Gus Schoenlein) may be billed as champion in the area around 05/04 while Link continues to be billed as champion in New York.
Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1907/04/06 Baltimore, MD
May be vacant after Americus wins World Light Heavyweight Title on 09/03/17.
Shad Link [2] 1909/10/04<  
"Local" champion as of 09/10/04 and 10/03/28 (may be the District Title); Southern champion as of 10/04/02; still champion as of 11/03/31; again billed as champion in Wilmington, DE in 15/11.
Louis Zerega 1915/12/21<
Also claims the District Title; still champion as of 16/05/12.
Americus [3] 1916/11/22<
Frank Zerega 1918/08/07<
Also claims the District Title; still champion as of 19/09/03.
Shad Link [3] 1922/03/17<