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Independent Connecticut Championship Wrestling
Connecticut Heavyweight Title

Moco2000/07/15Plainfield, CT
Wins a 5-man battle royal to become the first champion.
Onyx2000/11/11Plainfield, CT
Defeats Kid Krazy.
Triplelicious2001/03/24Plainfield, CT
Craig Steele2001/04/28Plainfield, CT
Triplelicious [2]2001/05/11Danielson, CT
Teams with Chris Venom to defeat Randy J. & Craig Steele; Venom wins ICCW Heavyweight Title from Randy J.
Ruy Batello2001/07/28Plainfield, CT
Johnny Curtis (Fandango) 2001/09/08Plainfield, CT
Ruy Batello [2]2001/09/08Plainfield, CT
Frankie Armadillo2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Tim Kilgore2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Ruy Batello [3]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Frankie Armadillo [2]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Ruy Batello [4]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Pepe Sanchez2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
J.C. Marxxx2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Sean Gorman2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Frankie Armadillo [3]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Pee Wee Sherman2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Tim Kilgore [2]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Ruy Batello [5]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Tim Kilgore [3]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Frankie Armadillo [4]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Ruy Batello [6]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Tim Kilgore [4]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Joe Dirt2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Title changes above on 01/10/13 take place during the "20 Minute CT Title Invitational."
Stumpy2001/10/13Plainfield, CT
Wrestling school's dummy.
Ruy Batello [7]2001/10/13Plainfield, CT

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