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Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment
Tag Team Title

Vicious & Delicious 2.0: Anthony Battle & Vicious V2009/09/12Wolcott, CT
Defeat CT's Next Big Team: Andy Sweet & Lukas Sharp, Mosh Pit Heroes: Joey Rockstar & Johnny Miyagi, and Tool Time: K.C. Jacobs & Steve Loveland in 4-way match to become the first champions.
Lukas Sharp & Andy Sweet2010/03/06Bethany, CT
Team Tremendous: Dan Barry & Ken Scampi2010/08/21Bethany, CT
Death Proof: Anthony Battle & Nocturne2012/02/04Bethany, CT
Monarchy: William King & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu2012/06/10Bethany, CT
Defeat Death Proof, The Canadian Superstars: Dave Cole & J-Busta, and and The Peacock Experience: Dalton Castle & Will Calrissian in 4-way elimination match.
After Party: Anthony Battle & The Mac2012/10/20Bethany, CT
Team Friendship: Mark Shurman & Scotty Slade2013/05/04Bethany, CT
Defeat After Party, the Purists: Aaron Morrison & Justin Tunis, Team CK: Sean Carr & Kage, and the Monarchy: William King & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu in 5-way elimination match; promotion closes on 13/08/25.

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