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Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment
Shooting Star Title

Mikey Chase2009/04/25Bristol, CT
Defeats Ian Griffin, A.J. Cruise, and Stiff Biff Whitman in a 4-way match to become the first champion.
Joey Bricco-2009/09/12Wolcott, CT
William King2010/05/01Bethany, CT
Anthony Battle2010/08/21Bethany, CT
J-Busta2011/05/14Bethany, CT
Teams with Dave Cole to defeat Anthony & Chris Battle.
A.J. Cruise2011/12/17
Dan De Man2012/04/28Bethany, CT
Mikey Chase [2]2012/08/18Bethany, CT
Defeats Dan De Man, Chris Battle, and A.J. Cruise in 4-way match.
Dan De Man [2]2012/09/15Bethany, CT
A.J. Cruise [2]2013/05/04Bethany, CT
Mikey Webb2013/08/24Bethany, CT
Defeats Cruise, Anthony Greene, Anthony Stone, and Mikey Chase in 5-way elimination match; promotion closes on 13/08/25.

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