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New Revolution Wrestling ( 2015/05 - 2016/07 )
Rocky Mountain Pro ( 2016/07 -   )
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/09/19)

This title is controlled by one of those independent promotions that does/did not post its match results consistently. Please do not expect frequent updates or more detail/accuracy for this page. If you have additional information for this title, please send in!

Deorum: Mercury Yaden & Mars Ferox2015/05/30Littleton, CO
Defeat Canadian Pitbulls: Elias Casteneda & Arik Angel and Left Coast Guerrillas in 3-way match to become the first champions.
Canadian Pitbulls: Elias Casteneda & Arik Angel2015/08/22Arvada, CO
The Balance: Tyler Stinson & Stephen Ashburn2016/04/23Arvada, CO
Defeat the Canadian Pitbulls and Deorum: Mercury Yaden & Mars Ferox in 3-way match; NRW renamed RMP in 16/07.
2 Cool Dudes: Dustin Uhrich & Zero Cool2016/08/06Broomfield, CO
HR Nightmare 2016/08/26 Broomfield, CO
Mile High Express: Humphrey Jacobs I & Curtis Cole 2017/05/26<  
The team splits on 17/07/28.
Humphrey Jacobs I 2017/08/12 Golden, CO
Defeats Cole for the right to the title.