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Last updated on 2016/09/23

Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling
Inter-Regional Heavyweight Title

Damon Jase2002/09<
Tony Morales2004
Shauma Tengo2004/05/21<
Matt Wylde2005/10/22
Quantum2006/05/06Greeley, CO
Matt Wylde [2]2006/06/17Lafayette, CO
Still champion as of 06/07/22.
Synjiin Tiger Smith2007/04/01<2007/06
The Star2008/01<
Awesome Andy2009/05/26<
Sometime after 09/02/08; vacant in 09/08.
Brian Von Dusen2009/08/15Longmont, CO
Awarded; still champion as of 09/12.
Renegade Rebel2011/03<