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Last updated on 2016/09/23

Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling
Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Title

Big Bossman Jr.2000/03/11Sheridan, CO
Wins battle royal; still champion as of 00/05/12.
Plague2000/10/14Sheridan, CO
Tiki Tapu2001/02
Super Destroyer2002/09<
Plague [2]2002/09Ft. Lupton, CO
Sin-Rey2003/02/01Ft. Lupton, CO
Defeats Billy V and Chan Moody in 3-way match to become the "Undisputed" champion.
Billy V2003/04/11Arvada, CO
Wins tournament; still champion as of 04/06/18.
Randy Taylor2004/08
Wins a 4-way match including CAGE.
Tony Morales *2004/10/16<
Randy Taylor *2005/06/25<
Vacant in 05.
Tim Warcloud2005/11/05Lafayette, CO
Defeats Romeo in tournament final.
Romeo2006/02/11Lafayette, CO
Rowdy Knight2007/01<
Sometime after 06/06/17.
David Taylor2007/03/17<
Rowdy Knight [2]2007/08/26<
David Taylor [2]2009/02/08
Defeats Rowdy Knight.
Brian Blade2009/05/26<
Big Money2009/09/19Longmont, CO
J.B. Payne2011/04<