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Last updated on 2017/06/16

Colorado Heavyweight Title

Peter Everett 1897/03/13<
Billed as champion in Colorado Springs, CO.

Sid Varney 1898/09/24<
Cornish style; still/again champion as of 04/06/28.

Frank DuCray 1918/06/23<  
Has previously claimed the Light Heavyweight Title; still champion as of 20/11/22.
Joe "Toots" Mondt 1921/12/10<  
May have defeated DuCray in Greeley, CO sometime before 21/01/04 (Denver Rocky Mountain News, 20/11/17); may be vacant after Mondt wins Rocky Mountain Title on 22/01/27.

Everett Marshall 1934/01/03 Denver, CO
Defeats another claimant George Zaharias to become the undisputed champion.
Roy Dunn 1940/06/22< CO
Everett Marshall[2] 1940/11/07<
Hasn Schnabel 1941/03
Jack Kennedy 1945/10/19<

Mike Cook1982/05<