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World League Wrestling
Women's Title
(as of 2017/08/19)

Malia Hosaka 1999/04  
Brandi Alexander1999/04/18Springfield, MO
Malia Hosaka [2]1999/10/09Eldon, MO
Heather Savage2001/04/27Buffalo, MS
Defeats Che Physique in tournament final.
Che Physique2001/05/05Forsythe, MO
Heather Savage [2]2001/08/01Springfield, MO
Miss Natural (Heather Patera)2002/02/16Eldon, MO
Wendy Rimmer2003/03/08Lexington, MO
Miss Natural [2]2003
Helena Heavenly2004/04/23Richmond, MO
Miss Natural [3]2004/08/14
Josie2004/11/13Kansas City, MO
Miss Natural [4]2005/04/09Concordia, MO
Josie [2]2005/11/12Eldon, MO
Defeats Wonderful Wendy; vacant.
Christie Summers2006/12/09Maryland Heights, MO
Defeats Rebecca Raze and Jennifer Starr in a 3-way match.
Katie Syren2007/10/27Maryland Heights, MO
Miss Natural [5]2007/11/17Concordia, MO
Stacey O'Brien 2008/04/25 Maryland Heights, MO
Amy Hennig 2008/10/24 Warsaw, MO
Stacey O'Brien [2] 2008/11/22 Maryland Heights, MO
Amy Hennig [2] 2009/03/21 Eldon, MO
Becca Swanson 2009/10/03 Eldon, MO
Defeats Hennig and Lucy Mendez in a 3-way match.
Lucy Mendez 2010/03/12 Spokane, MO
Defeats Swanson and Amy Hennig in a 3-way match.
Amy Hennig [3] 2010/03/13 Summersville, MO
Defeats Mendez and Becca Swanson in a 3-way match; vacant in 11.
Stacey O'Brien [3] 2011/09/18 Burlington, IA
Defeats Lucy Mendez.
Lucy Mendez [2] 2011/09/30 Dodge City, KS
Wins in a tag team match; stripped in 12/02.
Stacey O'Brien [4] 2012/02/10 Richmond, MO
Defeats Miss Natural.
Miss Natural [5] 2013/04/19 Eldon, MO
Stacey O'Brien [5] 2013/04/27 Camdenton, MO
Devyn Nicole 2014/03/14 Otterville, MO
Miss Natural [6] 2014/07/10 Troy, MO
Stacey O'Brien [6] 2014/11/22 Jefferson City, MO
Miss Natural [7] 2015/08/29 Troy, MO
Monica Passeri 2016/08/27 St. Peters, MO
Defeats Natural and Stacey O'Brien in a 3-way match.
Stacey O'Brien [7] 2016/09/10 Grain Valley, MO
Lucy Mendez [3] 2016/10/01 Troy, MO
Monica Passeri [2] 2017/08/19 Richmond, MO