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World League Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/09/09)

Steve Sharp1999/02/12Springfield, MO
Defeats Greg Valentine to become first champion.
Derek Stone1999/04/17Quincy, IL
Stripped after a match against Luminous Warrior on 99/11/13 in Osage Beach, MO.
Derek Stone [2]1999/11/14Oak Park, MO
Awarded due to injury to Luminous Warrior.
Luminous Warrior2000/01/22California, MO
Sheik Derek Stone [3]2000/01/23Lexington, MO
Luminous Warrior [2]2000/02/26Iberia, MO
Mr. Destiny2000/03/18Mexico, MO
Luminous Warrior [3]2000/03/31Kahoka, MO
Awarded after Mr. Destiny pinned Warrior by hitting him with the title belt.
Meng (Haku)2000/04/20Garin Valley, MO
Trevor Rhodes2000/04/22Eldon, MO
Griz2000/06/17Osage Beach, MO
Meng [2]2000/10/20Springfield, MO
Defeats Griz and Mr. Destiny in 3-way match.
The Barbarian2000/11/03Belle, MO
Billed as champion.
Griz [2]2000/11/10Joplin, MO
Luminous Warrior [4]2001/01/20Eldon, MO
Butch Reed2001/03/31Crocker, MO
Dennis McHawes2002/01/25Imperial, MO
Defeats Butch Reed and Ron Harris; stripped on 02/06/29 for no-show for title defense in E. St. Louis, IL.
Wild Wade Chism2002/06/29E. St. Louis, IL
Defeats Ace Steele and Trevor Rhodes in 3-way match.
Takao Omori2002/07/13Omaha, NE
Superstar Steve2003/01/04Neosho, MO
Haku [3]2003/02/08El Dorado Springs, MO
Held up on 03/03/22 after a controversial finish to a match against Trevor Rhodes.
Ron Powers2003/05/02Kansas City, MO
Defeats Superstar Steve in a tournament final.
Ron Harrris2003/07/19Eldon, MO
Takeshi Morishima2003/09/12Tokyo, JPN
Rick Steiner2004/03/26Chariton, IA
Takeshi Morishima [2]2004/03/27Bolivar, MO
Daisuke Ikeda2004/06/01Sapporo, JPN
Rick Steiner2004/08/01Nagoya, JPN
Trevor Rhodes [2]2004/11/19Columbus, NE
Defeats Steiner and Wade Chism in a 3-way match.
Ty Dalton2005/06/04Eldon, MO
Wild Wade Chism [2]2005/07/23Eldon, MO
Held up after a match against Keith Walker on 06/01/28 in Eldon, MO.
Wild Wade Chism [3]2006/02/24St. Joseph, MO
Wins a 3-way match against Jason Bates and Keith Walker by pinning Bates.
Jason Bates2006/02/25El Dorado Springs, MO
Wins a 3-way match against Chism and Keith Walker by pinning Walker.
Wild Wade Chism [4]2006/04/15Harrisonville, MO
Keith Walker2006/05/13St. Joseph, MO
Wild Wade Chism [5]2006/07/08Eldon, MO
Daniel Cross2006/08/26West Plains, MO
Defeats Chism and Jason Bates in a 3-way match.
Trevor Murdoch (Trevor Rhodes) [3] 2006/12/09Maryland Heights, MO
Derek McQuinn2007/07/13Waterloo, IA
Keith Walker [2]2007/10/27Maryland Heights, MO
Chris Masters 2008/02/09 Fordland, MO
Derek McQuinn [2] 2008/05/25 Lebanon, MO
Vacates upon leaving WLW.
Go Shiozaki 2008/10/04 W. Plains, MO
Wins a 9-man battle royal; vacant.
Steve Anthony 2009/01/30 Richmond, MO
Defeats Eugene Dinsmore and Steve Fender in a 3-way match.
Steve Fender 2009/03/21 Eldon, MO
Brian Breaker 2009/10/03 Eldon, MO
Trent Stone 2010/03/05 Leavenworth, KS
Trevor Murdoch [4] 2010/04/23 Richmond, MO
Vacant in 11/07.
Brian Breaker [2] 2011/09/18 Burlington, IA
Defeats Jason Jones.
Jason Jones 2011/11/12 Richmond, MO
Britton Tucker 2012/11/10 Springfield, MO
Jason Jones [2] 2012/12/08 Richmond, MO
Defeats Tucker and Jack Gamble in 3-way match; vacates in 13/05.
Elvis Aliaga 2013/09/14 Richmond, MO
Defeats Leland Race (Jason Jones) in tournament final.
Leland Race 2014/04/19 Richmond, MO
Ace Steel 2014/07/26 Troy, MO
Leland Race [2] 2014/11/15 Troy, MO
Trevor Murdoch [5] 2015/11/14 Troy, MO
Vacant in 16 (sometime after 16/03/19).
Karim Brigante 2017/02/04 Troy, MO
Defeats Leland Race (Jason Jones) and Steve Fender in tournament 3-way final.
Leland Race [3] 2017/04/22 Richmond, MO