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Last updated on 2011/03/11

NWA Central States Television Title

Bob Sweetan1977
Black Angus Campbell1977/09/29Kansas City, KS
Bob Sweetan [2]1977/12/25Kansas City, KS
Terry Taylor1981/01
Defeats Buzz Tyler.
Bobby Jaggers1981
Sometime after 81/03/13.
Rufus R. Jones1981/05/07Kansas City, KS
Gene Lewis1981/06/25Kansas City, KS
Dewey Robertson1981/10/22Kansas City, KS
Sir Oliver Humperdink *1981
Dewey Robertson *1981
Gene Lewis [2]1982/02/18Kansas City, KS
Mark Romero1982/04/08Kansas City, KS
Hercules Hernandez1982/05/27Kansas City, KS
Mark Romero [2]1982/12/13Kansas City, KS
Roger Kirby1983/01/13Kansas City, KS
Jerry Brown1983/05/05Kansas City, KS
Roger Kirby [2]1983/05/21<
Bobby Fulton1983/12/01Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 84/01 when Fulton leaves the area.
Buck Robley1984/01/18Des Moines, IA
Vacant in 84/03 Robley leaves the area.
Art Crews1984/05/21Topeka, KS
Defeats Luke Graham in a tournament final; vacant in 84.
Art Crews [2]1984/08/21Topeka, KS
Gypsy Joe 1984/09/02Kansas City, KS
Buzz Tyler1984/09/12Lincoln, MO
Marty Janetty1984/10/13Des Moines, IA
Gary Royal1985/03/07Kansas City, KS
Art Crews [2]1985/11/18Wichita, KS
Vacant in 86/01 when Crews leaves the promotion.
Akio Sato1986/03/13Kansas City, KS
Wins 14-man battle royal, eliminating Tommy Wright.
Mike George1986/05/23St. Joseph, MO
Vacant in 86.
Vinnie Valentino1986/07/16Kansas City, KS
Rip Rogers1987/11/28Des Moines, IA
Mike George [2]1987/12
Awarded when Rogers quits.
Masa Chono1988/01/01Des Moines, IA
Title retired in 88.