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Last updated on 2011/04/15

[Kansas City/St. Joseph]

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Chuck Powell 39/01/20<
Still champion as of 39/03/27 (may not be an MWA title).
Jesse James39
Mike Kalonis39
Steve Brody39/07/27Kansas City, KS
Ray Schwarz 40/12/04 Topeka, KS
Or 40/12/11.
Albert Alexinis 41/12/04<  
Marshall Estep 41/12  
Steve Brody [2]42/01/23St. Joseph, MO
Marshall Estep [2] 42/02/19 St. Joseph, MO
Red Berry 43/04/03<
John Swenski 43/05/28 St. Joseph, MO
Still champion as of 44/03/03.
Eddie Campbell 44/10<
Billed as MWA champion in Des Moines, IA; loses to NWA champion Ken Fenelon in a unification match on 44/11/01 in Des Moines, IA.

* See NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.

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