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Last updated on 2014/03/06

North American Wrestling Alliance ( 1958 - 1961 )
Worldwide Wrestling Associates ( 1961 - 1968 )
Brass Knuckles Title

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Fritz Von Goering 1958/08/23 San Bernardino, CA
Defeats Sandor Szabo (Von Goering may be defending the title).
Frank Jares 1959/02<
Billy Varga 1959/02/25 Los Angeles, CA
Roy Heffernan 1959/07/29 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Hardy Kruskamp (Heffernan may be defending the title).
The Destroyer 1965/01/16San Bernardino, CA
Defeats The Hangman (or the Destroyer may be defending the title).
Pedro Morales 1965/08/19Bakersfield, CA
Defeats Luke Graham.
El Mongol 1966/03<
Buddy Austin 1966/10/28<
May continue to hold the title until losing to Fred Blassie on 68/11/15 in Los Angeles, CA.

* See also NWA Pacific Coast Brass Knuckles Title.

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