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National Wrestling Alliance
Western States Heavyweight Title

Matt Riviera 2015/01/17 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Brian Kendrick in 8-man tournament final.
Jeff Jarrett 2015/05/15King City, CA
Matt Riviera [2] 2015/05/17 Chowchilla, CA
Ricky Ruffin 2015/10/30 Santa Maria, CA
Also defeats Judah Mathew on 15/11/27 in Santa Maria, CA to unify NWA Pacific Coast Title.
Rik Luxury 2016/05/20 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Judah Mathew on 17/09/08 in Santa Maria, CA to become the unified Vendetta Pro Western States champion.

* Unified with Vendetta Pro Western States Heavyweight Title.