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Vendatta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Title ( 2013/12 - 2015/10 )
NWA World Tri-Force Title ( 2016/01 - 2017/01 )
NWA International Tri-Force Title ( 2017/01 - 2017/09 )
Vendatta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Title ( 2017/09 -   )

(as of 2017/09/08)

* Defended in 3-way matches.

Chimaera (Ricardo Rodriguez)2010/05/23Lompoc, CA
Defeats Brian Cage and Jason Watts in tournament final to become the first champion; vacant on 10/10/02 when Chimaera signs with WWE developmental contract.
Dana Lee2011/03/12Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Jardi Frantz and Ray Rosas in 3-way elimination; vacant in 11/04 when Lee joins the US Army.
Disco Machine2011/09/10Bakersfield, CA
Vacant on 12/01/12 upon retirement.
Rik Luxury2012/01/22Lompoc, CA
Defeats El Chupacabra and Sheik Khan Abadi.
Famous B.2012/03/17Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Luxury and B-Boy.
Rik Luxury [2]2012/06/23Atascadero, CA
Defeats B. and Matt Carlos.
El Scorpio del Combate2012/10/20Bakersfield, CA
Defeats Luxury and Sunami.
Lil Cholo2013/01/25Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Scorpio and SoCal Crazy.
SoCal Crazy2013/06/22Lompoc, CA
Defeats Cholo and Vintage Dragon.
Lil Cholo [2]2013/09/13Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Crazy and Shannon Ballard.
Vintage Dragon 2014/05/18 Chowchilla, CA
Defeats Cholo and Mariachi Loco.
Jeckles the Jester 2014/12/26 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Dragon and Mariachi Loco.
Sunami 2015/08/08 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Jeckles and El Chupacabra.
Mike Rayne 2016/01/08 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Sunami and Judah Mathew.
Greg Hernandez 2016/07/29 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Rayne and Will Roberts.
Vintage Dragon [2] 2017/02/24 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Hernandez and Mike Rayne.
Kadin Anthony 2017/09/08 Santa Maria, CA
Defeats Dragon and Mike Rayne.