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Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

The Ballards: Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard 99/12/02Hollywood, CA
Wins a battle royal.
Team Hardcore: Hardkore Kidd & Justin Sane00/03Santa Ana, CA
The Ballards [2]00/03/28Santa Ana, CA
Jobbers-R-Us: Billy Kim & Troubled Youth00/04/19Santa Ana, CA
Los Cubanitos: Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero00/04/27San Diego, CA
The Ballards [3]00/05/24Santa Ana, CA
Team Hardcore [2]00/07/01Huntington Beach, CA *
The Ballards [4]00/07/15Huntington Beach, CA *
Stripped on 01/01/31.
Evolution: Nova & Frankie Kazarian01/05/30Santa Ana, CA
Win a tournament.
The Ballards [5]02/05/08Santa Ana, CA
B-Boy & Funky Billy Kim03/01/08Santa Ana, CA
Ballard Brothers [6]03/03/15Laughlin, NV
Hardkore Inc.: Hardkore Kid & Al Katraz03/04/25Anaheim, CA
The Ballards [7] 04/02/20Anaheim, CA

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