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Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Lightweight Title

Prodigy00/01/27Santa Ana, CA
Wins a battle royal.
Rick Bassman00/01/27Santa Ana, CA
Steals title and proclaims himself as champion.
Prodigy [2]00/02/23Santa Ana, CA
The Enterprise (Andy Judge)00/03/15Hollywood, CA
May be vacant in 00/03.
Savvy00/03/28Santa Ana, CA
Wins a battle royal by eliminating Judge; may be vacant.
The Enterprise [2]00/03/29San Diego, CA
Wins a battle royal by eliminating Frankie Dee; stripped on 00/05/24 for being overweight.
Stretch00/05/24Santa Ana, CA
Wins a battle royal by eliminating Prodigy.
B-Boy (Benni Chong)00/06San Diego, CA
Stretch [2]00/06/10Santa Ana, CA
Drunk Irishman00/07/20Huntington Beach, CA
Vacant due to injury.
Stretch [3]00/07/29Huntington Beach, CA
Wins a tournament.
Mikey Henderson00/08/23Santa Ana, CA
Forfeits the title to create Southern California title on 00/10/12.
Prodigy [3]00/11/08Santa Ana, CA
Wins a battle royal by eliminating B-Boy.
B-Boy [2]01/05/30Santa Ana, CA
Frankie Kazarian02/08/15Santa Ana, CA
Pins Spanky in a 3-way match against B-Boy and Spanky.
Lil Nate05/02/23Santa Ana, CA

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