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Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Sylvester Terkay99/02/01Mission Viejo, CA
Wins battle royal.
Aaron BakerHuntington Beach, CA
Mike Bell99/11
Stripped on 00/01/09.
Bad Boy Basil00/01/27Santa Ana, CA
Defeats J. D. Dempsey in tournament final.
Smelly00/03/29Santa Ana, CA
Prototype (John Cena)00/04/27San Diego, CA
Smelly [2]00/05/24Santa Ana, CA
Staz00/08/23Santa Ana, CA
Christopher Daniels00/10/12Costa Mesa, CA
Samoa Joe01/03/14Santa Ana, CA
Mikey Henderson01/11/27Hollywood, CA
Stripped for no-show.
Christopher Daniels [2]02/03/13Santa Ana, CA
Defeats Samoa Joe and Frankie Kazarian in a 3-way match.
Tom Howard02/05/08Santa Ana, CA
Reigning UPW Shoot champion, unified with Heavyweight Title; stripped in 03/06.
Adam Pearce03/07/11Anaheim, CA
Defeats Chris Mordetzsky in a tournament final.
Tom Howard [2]03/10/22Santa Ana, CA

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