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San Bernardino Valley Trophy

Ralph Granillo and Enrique Romero wrestle for the vacant title to a 30min time limit draw on 55/12/31 in San Bernardino, CA.
El Toro Cabral 1956/05/26San Bernardino, CA
Defeats Juan Hernandez.
Cisco Kid Valdez 1956/06/02 San Bernardino, CA
Enrique Romero 1956/08/04 San Bernardino, CA
Miguel Mosqueda 1956/11/28<
Enrique Romero [2] 1957/04/06 San Bernardino, CA
Miguel Mosqueda [2] 1957/10/09<
Sometime after 57/08/17.
Dick Chaney 1964
Billy Tipton 1965/11/06 San Bernardino, CA
Jack Garofono 1966/12/31 San Bernardino, CA

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