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Last updated on 2014/02/21

"Beat the Champ" [KLTA] ( 1951/06 - 1952/02 )
"Wrestling Jackpot" [KECA] ( 1952/03 - 1953/04 )
Television Title

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Joe Pazandak 1951/06/28
Awarded as the first champion on "Beat the Champ" television program; KTLA cancels the show in 52/02; Pazandak is billed as champion when KECA starts "Wrestling Jackpot" show.
Sandor Szabo 1952/05
Sometime between 52/05/02 and 52/05/05; Pazandak leaves for Australia; Szabo is awarded the title for being the only man to defeat Pazndak (52/04/18 in Santa Monica, CA).
Lee Grable 1952/06/10 Wilmington, CA
Sandor Szabo [2] 1952/07/01 Wilmington, CA
Zebra Kid (George Bollas)1952/12/23Wilmington, CA
Sandor Szabo [3] 1953/02/03Wilmington, CA
The television program of the promotion is cancelled in 53/04; Szabo continues to be billed as the "Beat the Champ" title holder in other cities at least until 59/04/02.

* See also International Television Title.

* Special thanks to Tim Hornbaker for the complete history of the title.

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