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Lucha Underground Title
(as of 2016/06/26)

Prince Puma (Ricochet) 2014/10/05 Boyle Heights, CA
Wins 20-man battle royal, last eliminating Johnny Mundo, to become the first champion.
Mil Muertes (El Mesias) 2015/04/09 Boyle Heights, CA
Fénix 2015/11/22 Boyle Heights, CA
Matanza Cueto (Jeff Cobb) 2015/12/12 Boyle Heights, CA
Wins a 20-man elimination "Aztec Warfare" match, last eliminating Rey Mysterio Jr.; Fenix has been eliminated earlier.
Sexy Star 2016/04/09 Boyle Heights, CA
A female wrestler, wins a 20-man elimination "Aztec Warfare" match, in which Matanza also participates.
Johnny Mundo 2016/04/20 Boyle Heights, CA
Prince Puma [2] 2016/06/26 Boyle Heights, CA
Pentagón Dark (Pentagón Jr.) 2016/06/26 Boyle Heights, CA