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Empire Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/07/31)

Ghetto Boyz: John Black & Johnny Love1996/12/06San Bernardino, CA
Awarded as the first champions.
Cruising with Danger: Dick Danger & Eddie Williams1997/04/16San Bernardino, CA
Vacant on 97/10/10.
Johnny Love & Eddie Williams1998/03/15Hemet, CA
Wrecking Crew: Big "Q" & Billy "D"1998/08/02Rialto, CA
Krazy K.C. & Knightmare1998/11/08Lancaster, CA
Wrecking Crew [2]1998/12/13San Jacinto, CA
Bad Influence: Frankie Kazarian & Josh Galaxy1999/04/17Colton, CA
Stripped on 99/07/18 due to an injury of Galaxy.
Los Cubanitos: Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes1999/09/06Colton, CA
Awarded; stripped on 99/12/04.
Sun Warrior & Red Tornado2000/02/26Parker, AZ
Wins a 3-way match; vacant on 00/04/08 when Tornado leaves the promotion.
Aggravated Assault: Malice & Mayhem2000/06/25San Bernardino, CA
awarded the titles by the Empire Wrestling Federation
Los Cubanitos [2]2001/04/29San Bernardino, CA
Aggravated Assault [2]2001/07/14Pahrump, NV
Los Cubanitos [3]2002/02/16San Bernardino, CA
Stripped on 02/07/01.
Threat & Desire2002/07/19Covina, CA
Win a battle royal.
PHAT: Eric Matlock & Devon Willis2002/08/16Covina, CA
Li'l Haystacks & Kyle Haystacks2002/11/15Covina, CA
Awarded when PHAT no-shows.
Bo Cooper & Jason King2003/01/24Covina, CA
Defeat Li'l Haystacks & Graffiti Kid, subbing for Kyle.
Los Chivos: Kayam & Enigma de Oro2003/05/23Covina, CA
Havana Pitbulls: Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes [4]2003/09/26Covina, CA
West Coast Ryders: Rudy Luna & Under Pressure2004/01/23Covina, CA
Rudy Luna & Bino Gambino2004/04/23Covina, CA
Bino Gambino wins a a battle royal to become Rudy's new partner.
Los Chivos [2]2004/07/23Covina, CA
Havana Brothers: Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes [5]2005/04/22Covina, CA
Stripped on 05/05/27 due to lack of defenses.
Los Chivos [3]2005/07/22Covina, CA
Win a 4-way match against MISTRUST, War Machines, and Vizzion & K.I.D.D.
Dan Kobrick & Guerrero Negro2005/11/25Covina, CA
Los Chivos [4]2005/12/23Covina, CA
La Ola Del Mal: Black Metal & Extreme Loco2006/08/11Covina, CA
Iron Express: Joey Harder & Hook Bomberry2006/09/08Covina, CA
TNT: Brandon Nitro & Johnny Dynamite2007/04/27Covina, CA
Aggravated Assault [3] 2007/08/24Covina, CA
La Ola Del Mal [2] 2007/11/11San Bernardino, CA
Famous For Fearless: Liger Rivera & T.J. Perkins2008/06/27Covina, CA
Young Bucks: Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson2009/01/09Covina, CA
A-List: Jeremy Jaeger & Roger Ruiz 2009/06/26 Covina, CA
Defeat Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler & Dustin Cutler in a 3-way match.
SoCal Inferno: SoCal Crazy & Espiritu Infernal 2009/12/27 Rowland Heights, CA
Anchors Away: David E. Jones & Ryan Stone 2010/04/23 Covina, CA
SoCal Inferno [2] 2010/05/21 Covina, CA
Los Luchas 2010/09/03 Covina, CA
La Familia: Rico Dynamite & Damien Arsnick 2011/09/23 Covina, CA
A-List [2] 2012/01/12 San Bernardino, CA
Hollywood Underground: Dave the Bruiser & Ein Idol 2012/08/03 Covina, CA
Barroom Saints: D.K. Murphy & Joshua Dunbar 2012/11/02 Covina, CA
Von Dooms: Cyanide & Vintage Dragon 2012/12/07 Covina, CA
Defeat the Barroom Saints, Anchors Away: David E. Jones & Ryan Stone, Andrew Hellman & Mike Maze, Jafar & Muhammed Raccid Najjar, and Nothing But Trouble: Eddie Mattson & Maddix in a gauntlet match.
Fallen Empire: Ryan Taylor & Mondo Vega 2013/07/13 San Bernardino, CA
Von Dooms [2] 2013/10/04 Covina, CA
Fallen Empire [2] 2013/12/06 Covina, CA
Defeat the Von Dooms, Anchors Away: David E. Jones & Ryan Stone, The Revolution: Che Cabrera & Sasha Darveko, The Mixtape Kings: Jacob Diez & Jerome Robinson, and the A-List: Jeremy Jaeger & Roger Ruiz in a gauntlet match.
Anchors Away [2] 2014/05/16 Azusa, CA
Defeat Taylor, The Von Dooms: Cyanide & Vintage Dragon, and Los Maravillas: Maravilla Dos & Maravilla Uno in 4-way match.
Fallen Empire [3] 2014/05/18 Covina, CA

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