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Empire Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/12/01)

Bobby Bradley1996/06/19San Bernardino, CA
Defeats Zuma to become the first champion.
Irish Assassin1996/11/03San Bernardino, CA
Tim Patterson1997/07/06San Bernardino, CA
Bulldog Sampson1997/08/31San Bernardino, CA
Christopher Daniels1997/09/28San Bernardino, CA
Suicide Kid1997/11/08Hemet, CA
Bobby Bradley [2]1998/05/02Bloomington, CA
John Black1998/08/02Rialto, CA
Rico Constantino1998/11/15San Jacinto, CA
Vacant on 99/07/18 upon leaving the promotion.
Frankie Kazarian1999/07/18San Bernardino, CA
Defeats John Black.
Keiji Sakoda2000/03/24San Bernardino, CA
Vacant 00/05/14 upon leaving the promotion.
Bobby Bradley [3]2000/05/14Corona, CA
Eliminates Mando Guerrero in a battle royal.
Eddie Williams2000/09/17San Bernardino, CA
Brian Owen2000/11/12Riverside, CA
Krazy K.C.2001/05/25Lytle Creek, CA
TOOL2001/10/13San Bernardino, CA
Krazy K.C. [2]2002/03/16San Bernardino, CA
John Black [2]2002/05/25San Bernardino, CA
Steve Masters2002/10/18Covina, CA
Bo Cooper2003/09/26Covina, CA
Stripped on 03/12/12 after no-showing two scheduled title defenses.
Vizzion2003/12/12Covina, CA
Wins a battle royal.
Kayam2004/04/23Covina, CA
Vizzion [2]2004/05/07La Puente, CA
Vacant on 04/10/10 after a match against Black Pearl ends with a double pin.
Vizzion [3]2004/10/22Covina, CA
Defeats Black Pearl in a rematch.
Ricky Reyes2004/10/22Covina, CA
Jason King2005/02/12Covina, CA
Bino Gambino2005/09/23Covina, CA
Aaron Aguilera2006/02/12Covina, CA
Stripped by Commissioner Mando Guerrero after failing to appear for a title defense on 06/03/12.
Chavo Guerrero, Sr.2006/03/12Covina, CA
Defeats Bino Gambino and Syrus in a 3-way match.
Syrus2006/03/19El Monte, CA
Bino Gambino [2]2006/05/26San Bernardino, CA
Joey Harder2007/01/05Covina, CA
Dan Kobrick2007/06/22Covina, CA
Bino Gambino [3]2007/11/23Covina, CA
Brandon Gatson 2008/01/13San Bernardino, CA
Scorpio Sky2008/05/02Covina, CA
Vacates in 08 due to injury.
Brandon Gatson [2]2008/08/22Covina, CA
Defeats Sonny Samson, Joey Ryan, and Mikey Nicholls in a 4-way elimination match.
Black Metal2008/10/11San Bernardino, CA
Brandon Gatson [3]2009/02/27San Bernardino, CA
Ryan Taylor 2009/10/30 Covina, CA
Johnny Starr 2011/05/20 Covina, CA
Ryan Taylor [2] 2011/08/12 Covina, CA
Shaun Ricker 2011/09/02 Covina, CA
Johnny Starr [2] 2011/09/23 Covina, CA
Vacates on 12/06/01 due to injury.
Joey Ryan 2012/07/06 Covina, CA
Defeats Brandon Gatson and Mike Maze in a 3-way match.
Brandon Gatson [4] 2012/12/07 Covina, CA
Marty Elias 2013/05/03 Covina, CA
Immediately vacates the title after the match and attempts to award it to Brute Baretto; the commissioner declares the title vacant and to be awarded to the winner of the Great Goliath Rumble later on the card.
Mike Maze 2013/05/03 Covina, CA
Wins the Great Goliath Rumble, last eliminating Scorpio Sky.
Raccid Najjar 2013/05/25 Lytle Creek, CA
Mike Maze [2] 2013/05/26 Lytle Creek, CA
Tommy Wilson 2013/11/01 Covina, CA
Mike Maze [3] 2014/05/02 Covina, CA
Rock Riddle 2014/06/27 City of Industry, CA
Mike Maze [4] 2014/06/27 City of Industry, CA
Juan Roman 2014/08/16 San Bernardino, CA
Mike Maze [5] 2014/12/05 Covina, CA
The Man in Black 2015/08/07 Covina, CA
Andy Brown 2016/05/06 Baldwin Park, CA
Fidel Bravo 2017/07/14 Covina, CA
Defeats Brown, El Mariachi Loco, and Juan Roman in 4-way match.