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Empire Wrestling Federation
Cruiserweight Title

Liger Rivera2004/11/26Covina, CA
Defeats Kid Karnage, Ryan Taylor and Jung Lee in a 4-man elimination match to become the first champion.
Red Tornado2005/04/23Riverside, CA
Defeats Rivera and Ryan Taylor in a 3-way match.
Liger Rivera [2]2005/05/21Riverside, CA
Bino Gambino2005/07/16San Bernardino, CA
K.I.D.D.2005/07/22Covina, CA
Bino Gambino [2]2005/08/26Carson, CA
Joey Harder2005/09/22San Francisco, CA
Ryan Taylor2006/06/09Covina, CA
Markus Riot2007/07/13Covina, CA
Ryan Taylor [2]2007/08/10Covina, CA
Maximo2007/10/26Covina, CA
Markus Riot [2]2007/12/09Covina, CA
J.T. Blackstar2008/04/18Covina, CA
Jeremy Jaeger2008/08/22Covina, CA
Defeats Blackstar and Chris Kadillak in a 3-way match.
Chris Kadillak2009/05/15Covina, CA
Brandon Parker 2009/10/30 Covina, CA
Tim Lovato 2009/12/27 Rowland Heights, CA
Defeats Parker and Chris Kadillak in a 3-way match.
Brandon Parker [2] 2010/05/21 Covina, CA
Ray Rosas 2010/06/13 Riverside, CA
Still champion as of 10/12/10.

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