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Empire Wrestling Federation
American Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/06/17)

Mr. Quick1999/03/07Victorville, CA
Awarded as the first champion; vacant on 99/05/09 due to health problems.
Tim Patterson1999/05/09San Bernardino, CA
Defeats Bo Cooper.
Krazy K.C.1999/09/12San Bernardino, CA
Josh Galaxy2000/02/26San Bernardino, CA
Krazy K.C. [2]2000/03/24San Bernardino, CA
Brian Owen2000/06/25San Bernardino, CA
Eddie Williams2000/10/15Riverside, CA
Vacant on 00/11/12 upon retirement.
Johnny Dynamite2001/05/26San Bernardino, CA
Defeats J.J. Dupree.
Nomad2001/09/15San Bernardino, CA
Johnny Dynamite [2] 2001/09/15San Bernardino, CA
John Black2002/01/19Fontana, CA
Under Pressure2002/06/15San Bernardino, CA
Black awards the title to his tag team partner Pressure.
Warchild2002/06/21Covina, CA
Vizzion2002/09/28Delmann Heights, CA
Touradj2002/12/08Bakersfield, CA
Krazy K.C. [3]2003/02/02Bakersfield, CA
Stripped on 03/08/23 for not showing for a scheduled title defense.
Jason King2003/08/22Covina, CA
Defeats Rudy Luna, Jason Sanders, Ragin' Dawg, Kayam, and Enigma de Oro.
Ragin' Dawg2004/02/20Covina, CA
Big "Q"2004/06/25Covina, CA
Defeats Ragin' Dawg and Kenny King in a 3-way match.
Johnny Starr2004/10/22Covina, CA
The Plague2005/03/25Covina, CA
Jason King [2]2005/06/24Covina, CA
Syrus2005/07/22Covina, CA
Vizzion [2]2005/12/23Covina, CA
Vacated on 06/04/14 due to an injury.
Dan Kobrick2006/05/14Covina, CA
Defeats Angelas in the tournament final.
The Human Tornado2007/02/09Covina, CA
Karl Anderson2007/04/13Covina, CA
Mikey Nicholls2007/09/07Covina, CA
Defeats Karl Anderson and Ryan Taylor in a 30-min 3-way Ironman Match.
Hook Bomberry2007/10/31Yucaipa, CA
Vizzion [3]2008/05/02Covina, CA
Ryan Taylor2008/08/23San Bernardino, CA
Liger Rivera2009/05/15Covina, CA
Stripped in 10/01 after no-showing the defense against Tom Lovato.
Extreme Loco 2010/01/08 Covina, CA
Defeats Chris Kadillak in tournament final.
Liger Rivera [2] 2010/05/21 Covina, CA
Chris Kadillak 2010/09/24 Covina, CA
Terex 2011/01/14 Covina, CA
Mike Maze 2011/05/20 Covina, CA
Tommy Wilson 2012/03/04 Covina, CA
SoCal Crazy 2012/08/03 Covina, CA
Sugar Sweet 2013/02/01 Covina, CA
Raccid Najjar 2013/07/19 Azusa, CA
Andy Brown 2013/10/26 San Bernardino, CA
Richie Slade 2014/05/18 Covina, CA
Mike Maze [2] 2015/05/08 Covina, CA
EWF Heavyweight Champion, defeats Slade in a double title match; vacates on 15/06/05.
Vance Garayt 2015/07/03 Covina, CA
Defeats Adrian Quest, Anthony Idol, Richie Slade, R.J. Ruiz, and the Viking Warrior in 6-way match.
Anthony Idol 2015/09/04 Covina, CA
Jorel Nelson 2016/08/13 San Jacinto, CA
Anthony Idol [2] 2016/10/06 Corona, CA
Super Beetle 2017/05/05 Covina, CA