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Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
Heritage Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/12/03)

Shaun Ricker 2013/05/05 Anaheim, CA
Wins a 30-man rumble.
Scorpio Sky 2013/05/05 Anaheim, CA
Ricky Mandel 2014/01/12 Port Hueneme, CA
The Hobo 2014/08/24 Port Hueneme, CA
Johnny Yuma 2015/02/22 Port Hueneme, CA
Peter Avalon 2015/08/23 Port Hueneme, CA
Holder of the Television Title, wins a double title match; vacates the Television Title on 15/09/13 in order to concentrate on the Heritage Title.
Bad Dude Tito (Tito Escondido) 2017/06/25 Port Hueneme, CA