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Alternative Wrestling Show
Women's Title
(as of 2017/12/02)

Candice LeRae2009/05/17Rowland Heights, CA
Defeats Erica D'Erico and Morgan in tournament 3-way final to become the first champion.
Christina Von Eerie2009/09/06Rowland Heights, CA
Candice LeRae [2] 2009/10/23 Rowland Heights, CA
Aiden Riley 2010/01/24 Rowland Heights, CA
Christina Von Eerie [2] 2010/03/21 Rowland Heights, CA
Defeats Riley and Candice LeRae in a 3-way match.
Hudson Envy 2014/03/22 South Gate, CA
Nicole Savoy 2016/09/24 South Gate, CA
Kris Wolf 2017/12/02 South Gate, CA