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Alternative Wrestling Show
Tag Team Title
(as of 2013/05/26)

B-Boy & Lil Cholo02/11/02City of Industry, CA
Defeat King Jakal & Black Metal and Supa Badd & El Gallinero Tres in tournament 3-way final to become the first champions.
Scott Lost & Joey Ryan03/05/31City of Industry, CA
Phoenix Star & Zokre03/06/28City of Industry, CA
Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver03/10/25City of Industry, CA
Scott Lost & Joey Ryan [2]04/01/31City of Industry, CA
Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver [2]04/03/20City of Industry, CA
Los Chivos: Kayam & Enigma de Oro05/03/19City of Industry, CA
Midnight Dynamite: Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise06/02/18City of Industry, CA
Bump-N-Grind: Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino06/09/30City of Industry, CA
Young Bucks: Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson07/02/18City of Industry, CA
Defeat Bump-N-Grind, Los Chivos: Kayam & Enigma de Oro, and Cameron Wallis & Damian Slater in 4-way match.
Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard07/11/04City of Industry, CA
Vacant sometime after 08/01/20.
Brandon Cutler & Dustin Cutler08/03/29City of Industry, CA
Defeat Young Bucks: Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson.
Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard [2]08/06/22City of Industry, CA
Defeat the Cutler Brothers, Young Bucks: Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson, and Scorpio Sky & Lil Cholo in a 4-way match.
Piloto Suicida & Shamu Jr.08/12/21City of Industry, CA
Dogs of War: Awesome Plague & Extreme Loco09/09/17Rowland Heights, CA
Piloto Suicida & Shamu Jr. [2]09/12/27Rowland Heights, CA
Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard [3] 10/03/21 Rowland Heights, CA
Defeat Suicida & Hector Canales, De La Wu: Riki De La Paz & Jumpin Jalen Wu, and Dustin Cutler & Brandon Cutler in a 4-way match; promotion stops holding cards regularly after 10/06.

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