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Last updated on 2014/02/07

[San Francisco, by Roy Shire]

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* See also NWA World Tag Team Title recognized in the area before 1961.

Kinji Shibuya & Masa Saito1968/07/13San Francisco, CA
Defeat Pepper Gomez & Pedro Morales for American Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title; renamed NWA World title in 68 when Roy Shire's promotion joins the NWA.
Pepper Gomez & Peter Maivia 1969/08/09San Francisco, CA
Ray Stevens & Peter Maivia 1969/11
Gomez is injured during a battle royal on 69/11/15 and is replaced by Stevens by 69/11/22; Gomez jumps to AWA.
Pat Patterson & Billy Graham 1971/01/07 Sacramento, CA
Ray Stevens & Peter Maivia [2] 1971/01/23 San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson & Billy Graham [2] 1971/02/13 San Francisco, CA
Rocky Johnson & Pepper Gomez1971/09/18San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson & Paul DeMarco 1972/02/23 Sacramento, CA
Rocky Johnson & Pepper Gomez [2] 1972/03/08 Sacramento, CA
Lars Anderson & Paul DeMarco1972/05/13San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson & Rocky Johnson1972/12/06Sacrament, CA
Kinji Shibuya & Great Mephisto1973/04/25Sacrament, CA
Pat Patterson & Rocky Johnson [2] 1973/05/05<
Possibly on 73/05/02 in Sacramento, CA; still champions as of 73/06/23.
Interns 1973/08 Atlanta, GA *
Sometime before 73/08/11.
Pat Patterson & Rocky Johnson [3] 1973/09/12? San Jose, CA?
Kinji Shibuya & Masa Saito [2] 1973/10/03<
Pat Patterson & Rocky Johnson [4] 1973/11/06 Stockton, CA
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner 1974/03/06 Sacramento, CA
Pat Patterson & Peter Maivia 1974/06/22 San Francisco, CA
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner [2]1974/07/13San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson & Peter Maivia [2]1974/07/27San Francisco, CA
Lose to Moondog Mayne & The Brute on 74/11/30 in San Francisco, CA but are still billed as champions for the following San Farncisco card on 74/12/28 and through 75/04.
Invaders 1975/04 Miami, FL *
Pat Patterson & Moondog Mayne1975/08/09San Francisco, CA
Invaders [2]1975/08/23San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson & Pedro Morales1975/10/29Sacramento, CA
Don Muraco & Invader #11976/03/24Sacramento, CA
Pat Patterson & Tony Garea1976/05/15San Francisco, CA
Royal Kangaroos: Lord Jonathan Boyd & Norman Frederick Charles III1976/09/18San Francisco, CA
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant1976/12/04San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson & Pepper Gomez1977/02/09Sacramento, CA
Bob Roop & Alexis Smirnoff1977/03/30Sacramento, CA
Pepper Gomez & Al Madril1977/06/15Sacramento, CA
Vacant in 77/06 when Madril injured.
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger1977/07/16San Francisco, CA
Defeat Jimmy Golden & Kevin Sullivan in tournament final; Kevin Sullivan & Ray Stevens defeat the Von Steigers on 77/09/17 in San Francisco, CA, but the victory is later overturned.
Ray Stevens & Moondog Mayne1977/11/12San Francisco, CA
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger [2]1977/12/07Sacramento, CA
Black Gordman & Goliath 1978/01/28San Francisco, CA
Dean Ho & Moondog Mayne1978/02/22Sacramento, CA
Vacant in 78/04.
Dean Ho & Ron Starr1978/09/20 PR *
Win tournament.
Ed Wiskoski & Buddy Rose 1978/10/11Sacramento, CA
Ron Starr & Enrique Vera1978/11/23Sacramento, CA
Or 78/11/08.
Ed Wiskoski & Buddy Rose [2] 1978/12/06Sacramento, CA
Ed Wiskoski & Roddy Piper1979/02
Title retired in 79/04.

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