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Pro Wrestling Revolution
World Women's Title
(as of 2016/07/09)

Lady Apache2010/01/30San Francisco, CA
Defeats Alissa Flash to become the first champion.
Princesa Sujei2010/06/14Puebla, MEX
Lady Apache [2]2011/09/11Mexico City, MEX
La Diabolica 2012/07/28 Watsonville, CA
Vacant on 13/01/19.
Cheerleader Melissa 2013/02/23 San Francisco, CA
Defeats Dark Angel.
Ivelisse Velez 2013/04/21 San Juan, PR
Cheerleader Melissa [2] 2013/05/11 Turlock, CA
Christina Von Eerie 2014/02/22 San Francisco, CA
Defeats Melissa and Savana Riley in a 3-way match.