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Last updated on 2013/09/23

Pro Championship Wrestling
United States Heavyweight Title

Chris Surge 99/04  
Awarded as the first champion on promotion start-up.
Mr. Primetime (Zack Reeb)99/04/27Marysville, CA
TOL00/07/23Chico, CA
Vacant in 00/08.
Too Sexy Toad00/08/26Marysville, CA
Wins 4-way tournament final.
Eye Candy00/09/23Marysville, CA
T. Wimz01/01/20Yuba City, CA
Defeats Brett Martinez.
Mr. Primetime [2]01/09/22Yuba City, CA
Vacant in 10/12.
Ashton Bain02/01/19Yuba City, CA
Defeats TOL; vacant in 02.
Skitzo Mafioso02/06/29Yuba City, CA
Defeats Danny Tundra
U.S. Steele 02/09/28 Yuba City, CA
Andre D'Mann 02  

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