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Pre-2006 information last updated on 2013/09/23

Pro Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2013/10/19)

* Also billed as NWA California Title between 2004/05 and 2006.

Crazy Italian Americans 99/04  
Awarded as the first champions on promotion start-up.
Vicious & Delicious99/04/27Marysville, CA
Crash Canyon & Nic Rage00/01/29Yuba City, CA
Vacant on 00/04/01.
Crash Canyon & Kid Hollywood00/04/01Yuba City, CA
Defeat. Rage & Delicious.
Cheap Thrill Hill & Ghetto Star00/04/01Yuba City, CA
Kerry Cash & Ghetto Starr00/07/23Chico, CA
Starr chooses Cash as new partner when Hill leaves the promotion.
Too Sexy Toad & SBS00/10/21Chico, CA
Shane & Dick Sexton01/01/20Yuba City, CA
Disposable Teens: Malachi & Kryton Downing02/02/16Yuba City, CA
Defeat Dick Sexton & Joe Dodire.
Scotty Aboot & TOL02Yuba City, CA
Defeat Austin Avalon & Malachi.
James Hate & Scotty Aboot02/11/26Marysville, CA
Defeat Austin Avalon & Malachi.
Skitzo & Mr. Primetime (Zack Reeb)05/11/26Yuba City, CA
Defeat Malachi & Vinnie Massaro to be recognized as NWA California champions; PCW leaves NWA in 06.
Adam Thornstowe & Vinny Massaro06/03/11Oroville, CA
The Mafia: Vennis DeMarco & Chris Corleone06/09/30Oroville, CA
Awarded by Thornstowe & Massaro.
American Pride: Derek Sanders & Nate Rulez07/10/19Oroville, CA
Oliver John & Tito Aquino08/04/19Oroville, CA
Team Luxury: Dave Dutra & Matt Carlos11/05/07Yuba City, CA
Defeat Suburban Commandos: D-Unit & T-Rent.
Suburban Commandos: D-Unit & T-Rent11/08/20Yuba City, CA
Heart Breakers: Vennis DeMarco & Mitch Valentine12/04/07Chico, CA
Chico Hammerz: Chico Lopez & Shoop Shellhammer12/06/02Yuba City, CA
Chico Lopez defeats Valentine in a singles match.
Dream Team: Will Rood & Mitch Valentine12/06/02Yuba City, CA
PCW Originalz: Rik Luxury & Mr. Prime Time (Zack Reeb)13/05/13Oroville, CA

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