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Pro Championship Wrestling
Inter-California Heavyweight Title
(as of 2013/12/14)

Brian Cage2006/09/30Oroville, CA
Defeats Jesse Jiminez.
Chupacabra2006/11/06Oroville, CA
Tito Aquino2007/03/31Oroville, CA
Dylan Drake2008/02/22Oroville, CA
Dylan Drake [2]2010/05/15Oroville, CA
Wins 7-an gauntlet.
Chupacabra [2]2011/05/07Yuba City, CA
Defeats Dylan Drake.
Dylan Drake [3]2011/08/20Yuba City, CA
Awarded back by PCW President James Hate.
Jody Kristofferson2011/10/08Chico, CA
Vacates on 12/02/11 upon signing with WWE.
Matt Carlos2012/04/07Chico, CA
Defeats Dave Dutra.
FANGA2012/07/14Chico, CA
James Hate2013/05/04Oroville, CA
Chico Lopez 2013/12/14 Oroville, CA
Shoop Shellhammer 2013/12/14 Oroville, CA

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