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Pro Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/05/20)

* Also billed as NWA California Title between 2004/05 and 2006.

Rob Hanson 1999/04/19
Awarded as the first champion on promotion start-up; PCW website lists James Hate as the first champion.
TOL1999/04/27Marysville, CA
Chris Surge2000/01/29Yuba City, CA
Rob Hanson [2]2000/07/22Chico, CA
Vacant when Hanson is fired immediately after the match.
TOL [2]2000/08/26Marysville, CA
Wins 3-way match
Mr. Primetime (Zack Reeb)2001/04/28Yuba City, CA
Skitzo Mafioso2003/01/18Pleasant Hill, CA
Vacant in 04.
Scotty Aboot2004/06/05Yuba City, CA
Defeats Apollo Khan in tournament final to be recognized as NWA California champion; PCW leaves NWA in 06.
Oliver John2006/09/30Oroville, CA
Rik Luxury2007/04/28Oroville, CA
Mr. Primetime [2]2008/04/19Oroville, CA
Scotty Aboot [2]2010/02/13Oroville, CA
Wins a 10-man last-man-standing rumble.
Mr. Primetime [3]2010/11/13Yuba City, CA
Rik Luxury [2]2011/05/07Yuba City, CA
Dylan Drake2012/04/07Chico, CA
Matt Carlos2013/05/04Oroville, CA
Mr. Primetime [4] 2014/04/12 Oroville, CA
Mitch Valentine 2015/09/19 Oroville, CA
Will Roberts 2016/01/16 Oroville, CA
Wins a 30-man last-man-standing rumble.
Synn 2016/07/16 Oroville, CA
Defeats Roberts and Zack Reeb in 3-way match.
Boyce LeGrande 2017/01/14 Oroville, CA
Wins a 30-man last-man-standing rumble.